Groundhog services is an innovative family run business run with nothing but the satisfaction of our customers in mind.
Based in the Poringland area, Groundhog Services caters for clients all across Norfolk and with our award winning services in the building, landscaping, plumbing and retail sectors we always aim to offer top quality customer satisfaction and friendly, honest advice throughout every project.
So if you're thinking about making a change to your home, revamping your garden or even just fixing a faulty pipe, we at Groundhog Services will be happy to talk through your project with you and help make it a reality.


Geoff Wilcockson

Specialist areas: DIY, Landscaping, building etc
Geoff is very familiar with Poringland, having lived in the area his whole life. He has always wanted to start a DIY store with his wife, and Poringland is his ideal place for it.
Geoff also runs Groundhog Property Services.
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Claire Wilcockson

Speciality areas: Homeware, Cookware, Gardening Supplies
Claire also grew up in the area, and is very excited to have opened Groundhog's very own Home Hardware store in Poringland.  You will find Claire on the shop floor most days, running things on a day to day basis. 
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